At Banbury Tennis Leagues we are focused on stimulating interest in tennis and increasing grass roots participation in Banbury and District by offering competitive tennis to clubs in the area. Our team competitions are played all year-round in a variety of formats and are currently enjoyed by over 1000 players of different abilities ranging from complete novices to county, regional and national standard  from 16 thriving Tennis Clubs across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire. We are always looking to expand and would love to hear from the new players, teams and clubs willing to join in.

If you would like to play competitive tennis at any level in a friendly and well organised competition then please  get in touch !

Click here to view  Banbury Tennis Leagues fixtures, results and tables on Playwaze



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Playwaze registration

To become a member of our Playwaze community please contact your team captain or Leagues Secretary -  e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Help for registered members

If you are having difficulties to login into Playwaze or have fogotten your Playwaze password then please use the following link to reset it:

In case you also cannot remember which email address you have registered with or have any other issues then please contact League Secretary -  e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Help for team captains

Note that many of the videos presented in this Help section were intended to help with the initial stage of transition to Playwaze based system and due to evolution of Playwaze are now outdated.  If you are a new captain and have any difficutlties please contact Leagues Secretary -  e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note that the results should be entered using Playwaze scorecards and only the captains are able to enter results.  Every captain therfore needs to be a registered Playwaze user.  You also may need to be logged into Playwaze if you want to use some other features such as exporting fixtures to Excel (csv), in- Playwaze messaging etc.

Also note that Google Chrome is the default browser on which Playwaze updates and all new features are tested. Only the major upgrades and milestone releases are also tested on other browsers.  If you are experiencing  problems then please first check if the problem is also present when using Chrome. If yes then please report it to the League Secretary not to Playwaze directly. 

Please note theat there is currenlty a known issue with the latest version of Firefox which is preventing Fixtures export to csv.  If you need to use this feature then please use other browsers such as Chrome, Edge/Internet Explorer or Safari

As a team captain you have extra privileges in Playwaze. These are the things you can do:


Add team members

To add members to your team just click on your team in the Teams list. You'll then see your team members. Note you can message all your team members from here by clicking on the blue envelope. You'll see a button called Add Team Members. Click on this to open the screen for adding or inviting members to your team.

You have 2 options here:

Invite new members to your team by sending them the team invitation link. Recipients can click on this link, register, and then will automatically be added to your team.

Add existing members. If your players have already registered on Playwaze and are part of the community you can select them from the members list on this page and simply add them to the team.

Alternatively contact League Secretary who can add players to  your team – this option will be required if you want to add players who don’t have an email address or do not wish to have an active account in  Playwaze.

Enter results

Go to the Results page of the league, find your fixture box and click in it. A scorecard will display. Next you will need to add your players here. You can select them from drop down menus (small triangle in the corner) if they are members of your or opposition team or type them in if they are not registered to your team. Save the players, then you can complete the rest of the scorecard. Your league requires results approval by your league administrator (Leagues Secretary). You therefore won't see the table updated until the result has been approved.

Communicating with your players

On your team page (where the players are listed) you'll see a blue envelope icon. Click this to send a message to your players – this will work only if your players have a registered email address in Playwaze


Frequently Asked Questions - Help videos 

  •  How to enter scorecard using the link from the new site:

  •  Exporting team fixtures to Excel :

  •  Find contacts in Playwaze :

  •  Find contacts via fixtures :

  •  Find team contacts :

  •  Change team captain in Playwaze :

Note only current captain or Leagues match secretary can can do this

  •  Notify of match changes :