Dear Members

We have a new League Secretary.

Art Kharlamov of Brackley was elected at our recent AGM and is now in the process of arranging the 2017 Summer fixtures.

He will be introducing Playwaze - a new suite of new software to run the Summer Leagues.

Nick will continue to administrate the 2016/17 Winter and Floodlit Leagues but will have no further involvement once they have finished.

This means we will be operating two parallel systems for a short while but this website will help to direct you to the correct area to upload scorecards and view match information such as fixtures, results and tables. Click Home to start.

If you have any queries don't hesitate to use the contact form which will send your messages to both Art and Nick during this interim period.

Thanks to everybody for your help and cooperation.


Art Kharlamov and Nick Adams                                                                                               18th February 2017

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