Banbury & District Summer League 2014
Division 6
matches to start at 6.15 p.m. prompt (or a mutually agreed time)
n.b. Hook Norton E withdrew before the season started
All fixtures have been completed
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Thu 24-Apr-14 Hook Norton D   v Tysoe B 1 8 click
Wed 7-May-14 Charlbury C v Deddington D 4 5 click
Thu 15-May-14 Deddington D v Brackley E 7 2 click
Mon 19-May-14 Tysoe B v Deddington D 9 0 click
Thu 22-May-14 Brackley E v Charlbury C 3 6 click
Mon 2-Jun-14 Tysoe B v Brackley E 8 1 click
Thu 12-Jun-14 Brackley E [w] v Hook Norton D  [w] 5 4 click
Wed 18-Jun-14 Charlbury C v Tysoe B 4 5 click
Thu 26-Jun-14 Brackley E v Deddington D 5 4 click
Mon 30-Jun-14 Tysoe B v Hook Norton D   9 0 click
Thu 3-Jul-14 Hook Norton D [b] v Deddington D [b] 7 2 click
Thu 17-Jul-14 Deddington D v Charlbury C 3 6 click
Thu 17-Jul-14 Hook Norton D   v Brackley E 3 6 click
Wed 30-Jul-14 Charlbury C v Brackley E 7 2 click
Wed 6-Aug-14 Charlbury C [w] v Hook Norton D [w] 9 0 click
Mon 11-Aug-14 Tysoe B v Charlbury C 2 7 click
Thu 14-Aug-14 Deddington D v Hook Norton D   2 7 click
Mon 18-Aug-14 Deddington D [r1] v Tysoe B 0 9 click
Thu 28-Aug-14 Hook Norton D   v Charlbury C 3 6 click
Thu 4-Sep-14 Brackley E v Tysoe B 1 8 click

rearranged fixtures in red, [w] = adverse weather, [r] = team requesting the change, [b] = rearranged for the convenience of both teams, [c] = match conceded

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