Summer League  
Division 1 Champions Runners Up
2016 Banbury A Byfield A
2015 Banbury A Byfield A
2014 Banbury A Byfield A
2013 Banbury A Byfield A
2012 Banbury A Brackley A
2011 Brackley A Byfield A
2010 Brackley A Banbury A
2009 Banbury A Brackley A
Division 2 Winners Runners Up
2016 Brackley A Middleton Cheney A
2015 Charlbury A Kings Sutton A
2014 Hook Norton A Deddington A
2013 Charlbury A Banbury B
2012 Kings Sutton A Banbury West End B
2011 Brackley B Deddington A
2010 Charlbury A Byfield B
2009 Hook Norton B Banbury West End B
Division 3 Winners Runners Up
2016 Deddington B Banbury West End C
2015 Middleton Cheney A Byfield B
2014 Hook Norton B Charlbury B
2013 Charlbury B Hook Norton B
2012 Middleton Cheney A Kings Sutton B
2011 Banbury West End C Deddington B
2010 Brackley B Kings Sutton B
2009 Hook Norton C Charlbury B
Division 4 Winners Runners Up
2016 Kings Sutton B Banbury C
2015 Kings Sutton B Banbury C
2014 Banbury West End D Middleton Cheney B
2013 Kings Sutton C Deddington C
2012 Banbury West End E Brackley C
2011 Middleton Cheney B Kings Sutton C
2010 Deddington B Tysoe A
2009 Banbury West End C Harbury
Division 5 Winners Runners Up
2016 Tysoe A Byfield C
2015 Byfield C Tysoe B
2014 Harbury Tysoe A
2013 Banbury West End E Byfield B
2012 Harbury Deddington C
2011 Middleton Cheney C Banbury West End E
2010 Brackley C Charlbury C
2009 Banbury West End D Middleton Cheney C
Division 6 Winners Runners Up
2015 Towcester Byfield D
2014 Tysoe B Charlbury C

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